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The Fizzy Tarte

AV system

Epixx Systems were contracted to design and install a comprehensive  AV system at The Fizzy Tarte as a turnkey project.

The brief was to create a modern lighting scheme with an audio system that would play music or live musicians. As well as WiFi for both core systems and a smart security system. A bespoke iPad interface for all the building’s systems was requested for the bar staff so they could control all equipment.

These systems included; audio volume, playlist selection, lighting control, indoor and outdoor heating control and finally, control of signage displays and viewing of CCTV cameras for door staff.


We opted for Rako for the smart lighting control system. Due to the large quantity of RGBW LED strip which had to be controlled. The audio was delivered through a combination of ceiling speakers, wall speakers and outdoor speakers.

Next, for the CCTV cameras we chose Dahua. These cameras allow embedding of the CCTV streams into 3rd party apps.

Finally, for the control system we used RTI’s system to build a bespoke user interface for the iPad from the ground up.