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Why do I need an Audio system?

Music is important to so many of us. Moreover, with today’s audio systems and streaming services have transformed the way we listen to it. Often working with our in house interior designer, our systems are built around you to offer the benefits of multi-room without the intrusion of traditional speakers.

Therefore, the audio can be wirelessly streamed to every corner of your home. With an array of speakers hidden in the patio, or a purist audiophile system that brings out all the detail so you can rediscover your music time and again.


Additionally, you choose how you manage your audio system. Options include touchpads in each room or our easy-to-use app for remote control from virtually anywhere. We can even integrate lighting keypads for quick access to playlists and volume controls.

Finally, using a multi-room platform such as Sonos or Savant enhances your home entertainment experience. These systems allow for a simple multi-room audio setup, enabling different rooms to play different songs simultaneously, ensuring seamless music enjoyment throughout your living space.


Robert Mason – Quite Simply French

“Epixx Systems you have truly been amazing! Cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond to get Quite Simply French open. Cannot recommend enough!”