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Wifi & Data

Fast, Efficient, Reliable

Here at Epixx Systems, we install wifi and data to suit your home and needs. Connectivity is the key to today’s home technology working most effectively and efficiently. So you need a data infrastructure that not only allows every system to integrate as it should. But also to improve every aspect of your online experience.

We can create a central distribution area to house media hubs, connecting phones, laptops and PCs. And with direct connections for TV, streaming and gaming. We can also incorporate a central server or cloud storage for all your music, photos, videos and more. Allowing you to access them throughout your home and beyond, creating the ultimate wifi and data solution.

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Data network solutions

We install hard wired infrastructures to create a network for wired technology and equipment in your property, and use this as the ‘backbone’ for all your other home technologies so they can communicate instantly.

Wi-Fi Installation

We perform full site surveys for Wi-Fi so you have the most reliable and efficient wireless roaming and data access when you’re at home, even in your garden.

Remote Management

Our remote monitoring service for your network ensures all your equipment is communicating as it should and allows proactive fixes if equipment crashes – usually before you even know there’s a problem.


We've always on hand to help with any connection problems or support you might need. We're able to access your system remotely to fix the issue or our engineers are available to come to you.

Improve your connection with Starlink​

A great solution to improve your wifi in remote locations are Starlink. Epixx supply and install Starlinks to commercial and residential properties in the right place to help boost your internet connection and speed.

What is Starlink? Engineered by SpaceX,  Starlink is a network of satellites which deliver ultra fast broadband to your home over the air. Perfect for residential and commercial properties in rural, remote locations.