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Electric Gates

Why do you need electric gates?

The latest cutting edge electric gates and access control technology gives you safe, reliable access to your property with the ability to see who’s at your gate and control access from wherever you are in your property, using our touch screens or smartphone app.

Furthermore, enhanced privacy and security offers extra peace of mind, and coupled with our CCTV and security systems you’re able to use your system even when you’re not at home, allowing deliveries or guest access.

CAME Connect

Moreover, the innovative automation system that will change the way you control and manage your home or business. With Came Connect, you can remotely control your gates, garage doors, lighting, and even your alarm system from your smartphone or tablet.

Real-time notifications enable you to receive alerts about any unauthorized access to your property or any unusual activity. Additionally, CAME Connect also allows you to grant temporary access to guests or service providers. Allowing you can monitor who is coming and going from your premises.


Peter Brookes – Private Client

“We called Epixx Systems after being recommended from a friend. Their knowledge and expertise in the ever moving technology world is unparalleled. They now look after every aspect of our property from the gates to the security alarm.”