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Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds - Wire Freedom​

Wireless and wired blinds offer ultimate flexibility and equal functionality. We can install  electric blinds virtually anywhere without the need for a single wire. With battery replacement cycles of circa 3 years. Any room can have installation without disruption, perfect for retrofitting.

Additionally, electric shades can be recessed for clean lines within the window reveal, along with a variety of thousands of colours, fabrics, blackout and thermal treatments. There is a solution for every decor and we have the best automatic blinds for you.


Shut out prying eyes and regain privacy with ease so you are in control of the view you present to the world. Open up and let light in, or have the best of both worlds with a choice of shear fabrics.

Furthermore, appear to be at home by selecting “holiday mode” while you are away and your electric blinds will follow recorded real life usage giving the illusion of an occupied home. A feature that is also available for lighting control and can be combined for maximum effect.