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Digital Signage

Why do you need digital signage?

In an age where it feels like everything is viewed on a screen, digital signage is a fantastic tool to interact with your customers. Not only is it impressive to look at and engaging with passers-by. It’s also cost-effective by allowing you to update content instantly with no waiting and no print costs.

Electronic displays transforms a business premises, immediately making them look more attractive to customers and helping create a unique atmosphere. It almost acts as another member of your sales team, getting across marketing messages quickly and effectively. We successfully installed digital signs at The Fizzy Tarte in Bowness.  Creating a get advertising solution outside of the venue.

Lancaster University ​

Our team have been working at Lancaster University since 2018. Installing and upgrading their signage solutions with a range of different technology. Including programming and installing 11 Microsoft surface hubs for different class rooms.

The signage allows the university to advertise and promote different activities on campus digitally. With automatic slideshows and timers to rotate the content with ease. Fully controllable through an in-house digital platform.