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Lutron Lighting

We’ve been installing and programming Lutron lighting systems for over 15 years. Our engineers have an in depth knowledge of the system and can give expert guidance on setting the correct levels of light in a room. As well as programming clever lighting schedules. Depending on the time of day or whether it’s light or dark outside.

A well-designed lighting system not only simplifies your life but also creates beautiful scenes that you can recall with the touch of a button. But will also give peace of mind whilst you’re away from your home. 

A holiday mode more realistic than other systems will simulate lights coming on and off in the evening and even open and close your blinds.

Lutron lighting website image. Living room
Lutron keypad

Custom Keypads

When you’re upgrading your lighting and fixtures, you want them to match the interior design of the space, to seamlessly blend into your design. Here at Epixx Systems, we believe it is equally important that the keypads match as well. 

With Lutron keypads, ranging in various, materials, shapes and styles. We are able to supply keypads that will control all of your lighting from a seamless interface.