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Baha Bowness

Smart Installation​

We’ve had a great working relationship with Hargreaves Enterprises over the past few years and were thrilled to be upgrading Baha in Bowness Windermere.

Epixx installed and fitted a range of equipment and technology within this restaurant, including the designer lighting and control systems. We installed a Rako lighting system, providing a range of lighting control options that provide flexible and intelligent control of lighting.

Complimented by digital signage, this is used to display menus, specials, and promotions in real-time. Allowing the restaurant to update quickly and easily.

Our Solution

Additionally, we installed a grade 2 alarm system with key holder response and digital CCTV system. Sending live notifications and motion alerts when set, giving the viewer access straight from their mobile phone. Keeping the staff and guests safe with peace of mind whilst enjoying the weekend winding down after a busy week.

As well as a whole data and wifi set up, giving the guests and staff a fast stable wifi connection from anywhere in the property. Making it easier to order and pay online, easing the staff work load and making it more convenient for customers to order drinks and food, improving the overall customer experience.


Finally, to complete this restaurants aesthetic and vibe, we fitted and designed the colour changing dance floor! Along with all associated music in the venue. Creating the ultimate evening bar for everyone to enjoy.

Accompanied by a Bose commercial audio system across all three floors. Creating a relaxing, seamless environment throughout the whole building with a great quality sound systems.

All of the smart home equipment provided can be controlled and altered from the touch a button, with a full tablet based control system of each floor for the staff to control the environment seamlessly from multiple devices.