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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Audio

Draw inspiration from this completed kitchen renovation in the Lake District, where state-of-the-art features and luxurious finishes seamlessly blend with invisible speakers, making this space the epitome of style and functionality.

These Sonance invisible series speakers are seamlessly integrated into the ceilings, then plastered over. Providing high-quality sound without compromising the design of the room and leaving a clean, uncluttered ceiling.

Invisible speakers

These speakers can be controlled and changed from the touch of a button. Either from your mobile phone, touch screen or a handheld remote. Giving you easy access to switch from music, radio or a podcast for you and everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, you can program you systems to save all of your favourites to your Home Screen. Ensuring you don’t need to spend extra time searching for them whilst in a busy kitchen. All of the invisible speakers in the kitchen and other rooms of the property can be controlled by the same device or separate for different music tastes.